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Less then a week left of sign ups and I FINALLY got my butt in gear and did these icons. They are available at the trading tree at LKFAA. I am going to ask no one ask for them on DA cause I may not see it in time. With this semester getting closer to the end and the secret santa stuff about to get started, I may or may not check DA for Icon requests. If you are part of the secret santa and want one either PM me on Lilymud, Ask for it on the trading tree or e-mail me and ask for one. (Two colours for the background and two colours for the present and even two colours for the hat may be needed. Also if you want the paw stamps, what paw marks your eligible for... for the secret santa helper one though you must have done a extra picture one year in the past. And finally do you want your name on the picture... it will go up the left side of the picture.) NOTE: There will be no line art changes. Only marking changes. There is male and female for both outlander and Pridelander but I only put these two to show them off.

If anyone wants to take part in the secret santa this year, sign ups run till Friday Morning. (I would suggest thinking of Thursday as your last day to sign up. Anyone who signs up after Thursday is just lucky cause depending on where you live you may not be awake on Friday when I close them.) The link to go to to find out more is below. If your not part of Lilymud e-mail me your information and I will add it. Make sure you have read at least the rules before you sign up. I have a link at the top of my first post there that will give you a way to the rules. And the rules are on the bottom of the information page. Skip the FAQ till you have a question that needs answering.

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November 19, 2012
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